Corporate Cybersecurity Education

Transform your workplace through interactive, engaging security training

Employees are the First Defence

Having security and privacy policies are important, but a strong cybersecurity program begins with employees.

Workers who are empowered to understand and follow security guidelines and protocols are crucial in securing your organization from internal and external threats.

Teach Basic Principles of Cybersecurity

WorkLife Learning is based on the fundamental tenets of security including risk management, asset management, data security, and logging and monitoring.

The best workforce is a prepared workforce. With WorkLife Learning, you will be enabling your team to succeed by following the basic principles of cybersecurity.


Policy Training

Policy is the bridge between employees and privacy. WorkLife Policy Training teaches your staff the basics of cybersecurity policies so they can understand and follow them.


Emerging Threats

As the workplace landscape changes, new cyber threats continue to emerge. This training focuses on developing problems in the world of privacy and security to keep your staff equipped.


Customized Training

Each organization has its own individual security needs. Custom, personalized training sessions can be available to get your staff the information they need to be privacy and security champions.

Cyber Training Unlike Any Other